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Important Note:   Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is for recognized medical conditions.   Therapy is not prescribed for those seeking increase athletic performance, competitive or not. Therapy will only be prescribed to those after the appropriate lab testing, coupled with a history and physical that ascertains a medical condition exists. Acceptable conditions include androgen deficiency, and menopausal / peri- menopausal conditions.  Those patients under current therapy with a different provider will be required to have records faxed directly to us for review prior to being considered as a new patient

Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT

Testosterone, if deficient, can be replaced in many methods. Cream, gel, injections, pills, and pellets.  

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency


Lack of stamina and energy

Mental Brain Fog


Loss of lean muscle mass

Increase body fat

Loss of sex drive

Loss of a.m. erections

Loss of erectile strength

Loss of interest in activities

In fact, some physicians conclude that the questionnaire for adult ADD looks a lot like that for testosterone deficiency. 


After initial blood testing, repeat testing occurs at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months. Then twice a year from then on.

We monitor standard blood tests, Lipids, PSA, and hormone levels. 

If PSA is above 4ng/mL, or a follow up test shows a 2ng/mL change, then a urological evaluation is dictated. 

Contraindications to Testosterone Therapy

This therapy is contraindicated with men that have prostate carcinoma or carcinoma of the breast. 

Hormone therapy is also not recommended in men with severe BPH-Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. 

Testosterone therapy is not appropriate to enhance athletic performance. 

Testosterone therapy is not recommended in those men that want to conceive in the near future. Testosterone therapy can  temporarily decrease sperm counts, as well as cause a 20% decrease in the size of a testicle.  

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