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Dr. Scott Fox D.O.  

I am Board Certified in Family Medicine.  I have an integrative philosophy as it pertains to health care.  I have been in practice for almost 20 years.  I have been specializing in the evaluation and treatment of men with testosterone deficiency for over 5 years.  My approach entails a thorough evaluation, with management tailored to each individual patient. No two patients are alike, and each patient is more than just a set of lab values.  If you are found to suffer from androgen deficiency, then treatment is more than just writing a prescription and sending you on your way.  Hormone replacement must be tailored to each patient, and appropriately monitoring of lab values to ensure safety is imperative. While hormone replacement can be life changing, it also can create problems if incorrectly applied or monitored.  If you think you suffer from testosterone deficiency then choose a health care provider with experience in the subtle nuances of testosterone replacement.

My philosophy :  Your body is your "ship".  You are the captain.  I am here to help navigate.  If I don't teach you those navigation skills then I have failed you.

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